Case studies

The proof is in the progression

Case studies showing reduction in wound area, re-epithelialization rates and granulation tissue development help demonstrate the efficacy of Collagenase SANTYL Ointment in real-life wounds.

Collagenase SANTYL Ointment is indicated for debriding chronic dermal ulcers and severely burned areas.


Deep partial thickness burn

Left foot healed in 30 days with weekly sharp debridement and daily SANTYL Ointment*

Chemical burn to right thigh

Wound re-epithelialization in most of burn in 35 days*

Deep- to partial-thickness road rash (burn)

Establishment of granulation tissue was achieved after daily application of SANTYL Ointment with petroleum gauze dressings over THREE WEEKS*

Lime-related chemical burns with associated eschar

Significant improvement of wounds visible after 10 days*

Partial-thickness burn to abdomen

95% granulation tissue and complete debridement in 11 days*


Postsurgical abdominal wound

100% re-epithelialization and reduction in 47 days

Postsurgical wound on breast

89% reduction in wound area over 28 days

Post-operative arteriovenous fistula (AVF) wound

100% resolved*

Non-healing, post-surgical finger wound

Finger progressed toward healing after 22 days of treatment with SANTYL Ointment and two weekly sharp debridements*

Chronic nonhealing surgical wound

Chronic TMA wound successfully resolved in two months with SANTYL Ointment, weekly sharp debridement and daily wound care dressings*

Pressure Injuries

Unstageable pressure injury on heel

91% reduction in wound area over 27 days** Individual results will vary

Bilateral dorsal foot wounds

Foot wounds closed completely in 18 weeks with SANTYL Ointment, sharp debridement and moist gauze dressings*

Unstageable pressure ulcer

Sacrum wound achieved complete re-epithelialization in seven months*


Traumatic injury anterior ankle ulcer

100% granulation tissue achieved in six weeks

Traumatic abrasion

91% reduction in wound size was achieved in four weeks with SANTYL Ointment

General Wound

Necrotic eschar on right forearm

100% granulated tissue achieved in 10 weeks*

Wound in perineal area

85% granulated tissue was established after 12 days*

Chronic leg wounds

100% re-epithelization on day 42*

Bulla of unknown etiology

Full debridement of the wound in 16 weeks*


Four bilateral lower extremity (BLE) venous stasis ulcers (VSU)

Dramatic improvement after three weeks of therapy*


Diabetic neuropathic ulcer

Complete closure of the wound after enzymatic debridement with SANTYL Ointment for 61 days followed by approximately 109 days of REGRANEX gel*

Diabetic ulcer on foot

Complete debridement achieved within four weeks*

*Individual results will vary

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