Patient Assistance Program

Help for low-income patients

What is the Patient Assistance Program (PAP)?

The Smith+Nephew Patient Assistance Program (PAP) provides prescription drugs at no cost to eligible patients who are low-income and uninsured or underinsured. With our dedicated team to handle the PAP, healthcare professionals can focus on prescribing medications to patients without regard for their ability to pay.

PAP eligibility requirements

  • Must be a U.S. resident (includes Puerto Rico)
  • Patient must be uninsured (no insurance) or underinsured (no coverage)
  • Patient must meet financial requirements to qualify for Medicaid or have Medicaid coverage where the product is not covered
  • Patient must be under the care of a licensed medical professional and have a prescription for SANTYL Ointment or REGRANEX gel
  • Low-income patients 65 and above are covered by Medicare Part D and are thus not eligible for this program

How can I enroll my patients?

  • A Smith+Nephew Patient Assistance Program application can be initiated by anyone, including but not limited to a primary care physician, traveling physician group, case manager, social worker, patient or patient caregiver.
  • For the PAP application to be processed quickly, each application should include complete and accurate information of the patient and the prescriber, as well as a prescription.
  • The application must include both the prescriber’s and the patient’s (or authorized representative's) signatures. Applicants will only be evaluated for eligibility upon receipt of a completed and signed Smith+Nephew Patient Assistance Program application.
  • Our dedicated team will inform the healthcare professional when the PAP application is approved or denied or if additional information is needed.
  • When approved, the product will be sent directly to the patient via FedEx 2Day®. Packages are delivered within two business days throughout the United States.

Where do I start?