SANTYL◊ Ointment compatibility

Collagenase SANTYL Ointment compatibility with commonly used wound care products

Previous studies have shown17, 22 the positive outcomes when using SANTYL Ointment in conjunction with other wound care products. To ensure that the collagenase enzyme in SANTYL maintains activity, in vitro testing was performed across a wide variety of commonly used products to determine compatibility. Testing did not evaluate efficacy, only the ability of collagenase to remain active and functional.

An inhibition level of 20% or less is deemed an acceptable threshold for enzymatic activity when used concomitantly with topical adjunctive therapies.25

If inhibition levels exceed 20%, collagenase enzyme activity and efficacy may be affected.

These results are from in vitro studies and are only an approximation of actual therapeutic outcomes. The decision to use a wound care product or combination of products should rest on a clinical judgement in which the perceived benefits outweigh any potential risks.

For detailed product information, including indications for use, contraindications, effects, precautions, warnings, and important safety information, please consult each product's Instructions for Use (IFU) prior to use.

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Silver Dressings
ACTICOAT 52.4 Nanocrystalline silver
Actisorb Ag 0.0 Silver charcoal-activated dressing
Algicell® <2.0 Silver dispersed in calcium alginate fibers
Algidex® Ag 3.81 Ionic silver alginate wound dressing
ALLEVYN Ag 7.6 Ionic silver urethane wound dressing
Aquacel® Ag 7.7 Hydrofiber silver dressing
Aquacel® Ag Extra 20 Hydrofiber® Technology dressing with silver
Argentyn-23® 0.4 Colloidal Silver
Arglaes® 63.8 Silver dispersed in alginate powder
Biatain® Ag <1.0 Hydro-activated silver in soft dressing
BIOSTEP Collagen Matrix Dressing 36.7 Silver dispersed in collagen matrix
Calcium Alginate Dressing with Silver 0.0 Gelling fiber silver dressing with NaHZrPO4
ColActive + Ag 34.7 Collagen matrix dressing with silver
DermaGinate® Ag 30.0 Silver dispersed in alginate fibers
DURAFIBER Ag Gelling Fiber Dressing 0.4 Cellulose-based dressing
Elta® SilverGel 12.4 Proprietary silver gel
ExcelGinate® Ag 11.0 Ionic silver in alginate fibers
Gentell® Ag 84.0 Calcium Alginate fibers with silver
Keracel® Ag 15.4 Gelling fiber silver dressing
KerraContactTM Ag 80.0 Silver with Oxysalts
Maxorb® Ag 18.0 Ionic silver alginate wound dressing
Melgisorb® 22.8 Silver dispersed in alginate fibers
Mepilex® Ag 15.7 Ionic silver silicone dressing
Normlgel® Ag 100.0 Silver dispersed in hydrogel
NovaGranTMBlue 50.0 Silver in a foam with MB and GV
Opticell Ag 81.0 Chitosan fibers with silver
Optifoam® Ag 0.0 Ionic silver
PolyMem® Ag 1.0 Nanocrystalline silver
Puracol® Ag 24.8 Collagen-based dressing
Reinforced gelling fiber Ag 78.0 Silver in alginate and guluronic acid
ReliaMed® Ag 23.0 Silver dispersed in alginate fibers
RestaTM SilverGel® 37.0
Restore® Calcium Alginate 9.0 Silver dispersed in calcium alginate fibers
Restore® TRIACT Silver 0.0 Silver sulfate dressing
Silvadene® (1%) 67.0 1% silver sulfadiazine in cream base
SilvaKollagen® Gel 19.8 Hydrolysate of collagen with silver oxide
Silvasorb® 25.0 Ionic silver
Silvercel <10.0 Silver dispersed in alginate fibers
Silvergel >95.0 Silver sol
Silverlon® 44.3 Elemental silver
SilverMed 10.8 Microparticulate silver in carbomer gel
Sorbalgon® Ag 4.4 Silver containing calcium alginate dressing
Tegaderm Ag 24.0 Silver sulfate dressing
TheraBond® Ag 20.9 Ionic silver in fiber dressing
TRITEC Ag 13.0 Silver dispersed in fibers
Wound Cleansers
Biolex 0.0 Poloxamine-908 and Potassium sorbate-based cleanser
SAF-Clens® AF 77.7 Amphotheric surfactant-based cleanser
Sea Clens® 42.0 Non-ionic surfactant and EDTA-based cleanser
3M Wound Cleanser 76.2 Pyridoxine and Zn-salts—based cleanser
Allclenz® 68.8 Amphotheric surfactant-based cleanser
Aloe Vesta® 100.0 Anionic and amphotheric surfactants-based cleanser
Anasept® Spray 0.0 Sodium hypochlorite-based cleanser
CarraKlenz 100.0 Anionic surfactant-based cleanser
Clorpactin® 20.9 Hypochlorite-based cleanser
Coloplast Bedside-Care® Shampoo 72.7 Benzethonium chloride-based cleanser
Dakin's Solution® (4X diluted) 0.0 Sodium hypochlorite-based cleanser
Dermagran® 70.0 Pyridoxine and Zn-salts—based cleanser
DermaKlenz 84.3 Pyridoxine HCl and alcohol-based cleanser
DERMAL WOUND CLEANSER 52.0 Non-ionic surfactant and EDTA-based cleanser with benzethonium chloride
Dermal Wound Cleanser 40.0 EDTA, Amphotheric surfactants
Gentell® Wound Cleanser 63.0 Amphotheric surfactant-based cleanser
HIBICLENS® >95.0 CHG and isopropanol-based cleanser
Lactated Ringers Solution pH 6.7 25.0 Sodium lactate-based cleanser
Microcyn® Rx Skin and Wound HydroGel 0.0 Sodium hypochlorite-based cleanser
Microcyn® Rx Wound Care Spray 0.0 Sodium hypochlorite-based cleanser
MicroKlenz 100.0 Amphotheric surfactant-based cleanser with benzethonium chloride
MPM Wound Cleanser 100.0 Benzethonium chloride-based cleanser
PeleVerus® 32.0 Non-ionic surfactant and zinc-salts—based cleanser
Puracyn® Plus 0.0 Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) in water
pure&clean® 50 Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) in water
Remedy® 89.0 Anionic surfactant-based cleanser
REPARA® 20.0 Amphotheric surfactant-based cleanser
Restore® 35.18 Poloxamer-188 and alkyl paraben-based cleanser
Shur-Clens® 0.0 Poloxamer-188—based cleanser
Skintegrity® 70.0 Amphotheric surfactant and EDTA-based cleanser
Soothe & Cool® Cleanse 100.0 EDTA, cationic- and amphotheric-based cleanser
UltraKlenz 100.0 EDTA, non-ionic surfactants
VASHE® Wound Solution 0.0 Hypochlorite-based cleanser
Viniferamine® 27.5 Benzalkonium chloride-based cleanser
Wound Dressings
ALGISITE M 0.0 Calcium-alginate dressing
ALLEVYN 0.0 Hydrocellular dressing
AMERIGEL® 0.0 Hydrogel dressing
Aquasorb® 0.0 Hydrogel-polyurethane dressing
Biatain® 1.3 Soft dressing
Bismuth Formic Iodide (BFI) 75.9 BFI in talc powder base
BlastX Antimicrobial Wound Gel 5.1 Benzalkonium chloride in PEG
Carrasyn® Hydrogel 0.0 Carbopol-based hydrogel
ColActive® Plus 0.0 Collagen-based dressing
Covaderm® 0.0 Absorbent-adhesive dressing
Curasol 0.0 Hydrogel dressing
Cutimed® Sorbact® 0.0 Super absorbent dressing
Derma Collagen 20 Collagen based dressing
Dermaginate 0.0 Calcium alginate-based dressing
Drawtex® 0.0 Hydroconductive dressing
DuoDERM® 22.0 CGF dressing
DURAFIBER Ag Gelling Fiber Dressing 0.0 Cellulose-based dressing
Endoform 0
Endoform (Natural Dermal Template) 1.3 Collagen matrix with glycosaminoglycans and adhesive proteins
Enluxtra 30.0 Super absorbent hydrofiber dressing
Exufiber® 0.0 PVA fibers
Fibracol 2.7 Collagen-based alginate dressing
GlucanPro® Cream 3000 69.0 Petrolatum-based dressing
Hydrofera® 0.0 Dye-containing bacteriostatic dressing
INTRASITE Gel 0.0 Cellulose-based hydrogel
McKesson Antimicrobial HydroGel 69.6 Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) in water + LiMgNa Silicate
Medihoney® 22.3 Leptospermum honey dressing
Mepilex® 10.4 Soft silicone foam dressing
Mesalt® 0.0 Salt-releasing wound dressing
Multidex® Gel <5.0 Maltodextrin gel dressing
Multipad 0.0 Non-adherent dressing
Normgel® 39.0 Hydrogel dressing
OASIS® 6.1 SIS product
Opticell 0 Fiber dressing
Plurogel® 0 Poloxamer and phenoxyethanol gel
PROMOGRAN PRISMA Matrix 35.6 Collagen-based dressing
Procellera® 5.8 Wound dressing
Promogran 22.5 Collagen-based dressing
Prontosan® Gel (10%) 96.5 PHMB-containing gel
PROSHIELD 0.0 PEG-based semi-solid dressing
Regenecare® 100 Lidocaine Hydrogel
RTD Dressing 0.0 MB, GV, and Ag+ in fiber dressing
SAF-Gel® 2.00 Hydrogel dressing
Simpurity 0.0 Alginate wound dressing
Skintegrity® Hydrogel 100.0 Hydrogel dressing
Sofsorb® 0.0 Super absorbent dressing
SOLOSITE Gel 8.0 Hydrogel dressing
Sorbalgon® 15.5 Calcium alginate dressing
TheraHoney® 0.0 Medicinal honey dressing
Theraworx® 50 Magnesium Sulfate Attenuator HPUS
Transeal® 0.0 Transparent film dressing (polyurethane)
Xeroform 0.0 Bismuth in petrolatum gauze
Iodine Dressings
IODOFLEX 93.8 Iodine dressing
IodoFoam® 2.8 Complexed iodine in foam dressing
Iodoform 1.6 Iodoform-impregnated gauze
IODOSORB 87.0 Iodine gel
Benzalkonium chloride 99.0 Cationic surfactant antimicrobial
Benzethonium chloride <95.0 Cationic surfactant antimicrobial
Bismuth tribromophenate 0.0 Bismuth-based antimicrobial
Brilliant green 20.0 Antibacterial active
CaSO4 powder 6.0 Antibacterial carrier
Chlorhexidine gluconate 0.0 Biguanide-based antimicrobial
Colistin sulfate powder 0.0 Peptide-based antibacterial
Cyclosporine A powder 0.0 Anti-inflammatory agent
Dapsone powder 0.0 Sulfone-based antibacterial
Gentamicin sulfate powder 9.8 Carbohydrate-based antimicrobial
Mafenide acetate powder 0.0 Sulfonamide-based antimicrobial
Metronidazole powder 100.0 Antifungal agent
Mupirocin powder 0.0 Carbohydrate-based antimicrobial
Neomycin powder 0.0 Carbohydrate-based antimicrobial
pDADMAC (from Bioguard® gauze) 0.0 Bacteriostatic polymer
pDADMAC (neat) powder <10.0 Bacteriostatic polymer
Penicillin 35.0 beta-lactam antibiotics
Polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB) powder 91.0 Biguanide-based antimicrobial
Polysporine® 1.2 Protein antimicrobial mixture
Silver sulfadiazine 51.0 Silver-containing antimicrobial
Unasyn® powder 25.0 Antibacterial powder
Antibacterial Dressings
Bactroban® Cream 0.0 Antibacterial cream
Sulfamylon® Cream 0.0 Antibacterial cream
Gentamicin Sulfate Ointment 13.0 Antibacterial cream
Kerlix® Gauze (PHMB) 100.0 Bacteriostatic gauze
Anasept® Gel 83.0 Wound dressing
Clindamycin Phosphate Gel 0.0 Antibacterial hydrogel
Cutimed® Sorbact® 0.0 Bacteriostatic gauze
Zovirax® 0.0 Antibacterial cream
BACTIGRAS 0.0 Parafin dressing
ALTABAX® 20.0 Antibacterial cream
Doxycycline 100.0 Antibacterial capsules
Vancomycine powder 68.9 Antibacterial powder
Nitrofurantoin 60.0 Antibacterial capsules
Ciprofloxacin (tablets and ophthalmic solution) 100.0 Antibacterial formulations (tablets or ophthalmic solution)
Cephalexin 15.5 Antibacterial formulations (tablets)
Levofloxacin 100.0 Antibacterial formulations (tablets)
Other Products
Americaine® Spray <2.0 Benzocaine as an active analgesic in spray base
Amphotericin B powder 85.0 Antifungal powder
Benzocaine 15.0 Analgesics active
Cell power 100.0 Dissolved oxygen with minerals
Clobetasol propionate 0.0 Anti-inflammatory cream
Clotrimazole 11.0 Antifungal cream
Cyclosporine A 0.0 Anti-inflammatory agent
Diltiazem HCl 0
EMLA® 0.0 Mixture of lidocaine and prilocaine in a cream base
Fluocinonide (Lidex) <5.0 Anti-inflammatory cream
Gabapentin (tablets 400mg) 16.3 Pain relief tablets
Lidocaine (1%) powder 13.0 Powder
Lidocaine (5%) ointment 37.5 Pain relief ointment
Metronidazole (Flagyl) 100.0 Antifungal cream
Miconazole nitrate powder 70.0 Antifungal powder
Mycophenolate mofetyl 13.0 Anti-inflammatory agent
Nifedipine 0.0 Calcium blocker and chest pain reliever
Nystatin cream 97.8 Antifungal cream
Nystatin powder 17.2 Antifungal powder
Phenytoin (Dilantin) <5.0 Seizure control
Sodium thiosulfate 0.0 NA
Sodium urate <5.0 Sodium salt of uric acid
Timolol Maleate 0.5% 0.0 Ophthalmic agent
Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.0 Anti-inflammatory cream
Vicodin® 63.0 Analgesic