How to apply SANTYL◊ Ointment

Simple at-home application for patients


1. Moisture balance

  • Wounds with sufficient moisture will naturally activate collagenase enzyme
  • Wounds heal better in a moist environment
  • Nerve endings are protected by moisture24


2. Edge to edge

  • Apply SANTYL Ointment out to the edges of the wound
  • New epithelial and granulation tissue grows from the wound’s edges
  • Take care not to extend beyond the wound surface although it does not harm healthy tissue


3. Nickel thickness

  • Apply once daily at 2mm thickness or about the thickness of a nickel


4. Daily dressing change

  • Daily dressing changes help remove necrotic burden from wound area to help advance the healing process4
  • Moisturize cover dressing with saline if wound is dry and there is no sufficient exudate
  • The enzymatic action of SANTYL Ointment may be decreased by dressings containing iodine (I2) and some, but not all, dressings containing silver (Ag)

Compatibility with other products

Wound Cleaners

Wound cleaners



Silver dressings

Silver dressings

Various other dressings

Various other dressings

SANTYL Ointment has been tested with cleansers, antimicrobial formulations, and silver dressings21

SANTYL Ointment is compatible with:

  • Products that contain alkali metal salts (ie, sodium [Na] or potassium [K]) and earth alkaline metal salts (ie, calcium [Ca] or magnesium [Mg])
  • Large non-ionic compounds and non-charged surfactant molecules
  • Antimicrobial formulations
  • Wound cleansers containing large block co-polymer surfactants (eg, poloxamers) or formulas with dilute sodium hypochlorite

The enzymatic action of SANTYL Ointment is decreased by:

  • Dressings containing iodine (I2) and some, but not all, dressings containing silver (Ag)
  • Wound cleansers designated to remove impurities, bacteria, and debris
  • Antifungal agents and products containing EDTA

For best results:

When using antibiotic powder for infection, apply prior to SANTYL Ointment. If infection persists, discontinue SANTYL Ointment until infection is controlled.

Silver dressings Aquacel™ Ag check
ALLEVYN Ag check
Iodine dressings IODOFORM™ check
Various other dressings Hydrofera™ check
Anasept® Spray check
Wound cleansers Microcyn™ Rx Spray check
¼-strength Dakin’s solution check
Mafenide Acetate check
Antimicrobials Mupirocin check

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