Getting the most out of your Collagenase SANTYL Ointment prescription

Proper wound care is always important, but when you have a wound that won’t heal due to other medical conditions, like diabetes, it’s even more crucial. We’ve brought together some tools designed to make that easier.

  • Cost concerns?
    • If you’re commercially insured or pay out of pocket, copay assistance may be available. Click here to review the details.
    • If you are covered by Medicare, have dual Medicare/Medicaid coverage, or are uninsured or underinsured, talk to your healthcare professional about prescription costs and savings
  • For application instructions, watch our video
  • Get answers to your common questions with our FAQ
  • Read the package insert

Remember: It takes teamwork to help get your wound on the path to healing, so ask your healthcare professional or pharmacist right away if you have any other questions or need additional information about SANTYL Ointment.